Slash Inventory Levels With the strong accounting formulas Aplus1 facilitates the subscriber and the manager to manage and optimize the store inventory better than ever. This in result increases the profit margin of your business by reducing the shrinkage and eliminating the chance of inventory theft. Aplus1 efficient reporting tool helps you to keep yourself up to date with the latest inventory status every time. With the help of Aplus1 inventory management application you can identify inventory overstocks etc. With this technique keep an eye on the performance of your employees.

  • Detailed, by-item reports show fastest moving, average and slow moving items and identify dead items with just one click.
  • Dozens of reports on convenience store inventory status help determine optimal stocking levels, recalculate store inventory value and spot pricing problems quickly. Aplus1 software identifies low margin items and lowest cost suppliers for items you buy.
  • With Aplus1 software store inventory optimization is easy and controllable process. Aplus1 software will help you slash store inventory levels up to 50% and improve inventory quality to keep convenience store sales volume high. That means higher profit, more turns and less shrinkage. On average, Aplus1 customers experience a 4% increase in Gross Profit Margin!
  • Aplus1 facilitates the subscriber to keep an eye on average sale of each item.
  • Evaluate the performance of your employees.