Never process an invoice again – ever!

Our goal is to shrink your work load as Aplus1 always delivers you with the most powerful and flexible features. Invoice Processing is one of the most difficult tasks for the subscriber and the store manager. As the subscriber and the manager have to do a lot of paperwork at the end of each day and month even in this modern age of science and technology.

EDI with larger vendors

EDI is a great time saver and Aplus1 invoice processing software that can allow you to do EDI with any supplier who can deliver an electronic invoice. You don’t have to do a thing. The vendor sends the invoice to us, and we process and post it right to your pending invoices file on your Aplus1 web site. All invoice data is there, right down to the item level and you can correct errors and update your price book right from the invoice itself. It couldn’t be easier and as more and more suppliers adopt EDI standards, you’ll save enormous amounts of time in dealing with large invoices from major vendors.

Aplus1 full service invoice data processing

It may be possible that some of your suppliers or vendors who still work on paper Aplus1 can also do this for you. Just use Aplus1 full service EDI. Scan the invoice with a standard scanner. Upload the scanned file to your Aplus1 data archive.

  • Just scan paper invoices on a standard desktop printer/scanner.
  • Then, upload the scanned files to your Aplus1 data archive.
  • Our data entry technicians will key in the item level invoice data for you and drop the completed invoice into your pending invoices file. That’s all there is to it!
Hand-held devices work with Aplus1

In the modern age of science and technology Aplus1 provide a convenient approach to communicate with hand held devices like hand held scanners. You can add inventory to the Aplus1 inventory management application by using a hand held scanner. This again eliminates all the manual work of keeping track of inventory management. EDI is a complete application with in itself which help both subscriber and manager to eliminate all the paper work with a single click.