Convenience Store Price Book

Price book set up is fast and easy

One important feature of Aplus1 Convenience Store Accounting Software is to manage your price book store wide. Aplus1 makes the price book management painless and flexible for the subscribers and offers
a very user friendly point & click functionality.

  • You can edit a price for single store or on multiple stores at a time.
  • If you already maintain a price book, we can swap in your pricing automatically.
  • Allows the subscriber to manage all the price groups with a single click
  • Enables you to keep your Cash Register up to date with the Aplus1 synchronization tools.

By combining these methods, even inexperienced users can build a price book quickly. Our specially designed Price Book wizard will make this job easy and intuitive.

Aplus1 keeps your pricing up to date automatically

The Price Book Management feature allows you to logically divide the items that share the same price by making the Price Groups. As Aplus1 provides strong
synchronization tools which keep your price book up to date with the cash register every time you make a price change.

  • You can set price changes and promotions in advance for any given period.
  • Aplus1 software issues a cost exception report whenever costs go up or differ from the negotiated cost.

A Price Book that You Control

Convenience Store Accounting Software allows you to manage the price of a single item as well as individual price groups with ease. You can also keep track of the number of items which are included in the respective price group. With this feature the item and inventory management becomes effortless. Another feature of Aplus1 is Promotion Groups like Combo Promotions and Mix Match Promotions. Aplus1 gives you the power to manage pricing the way you want. You can:

  • Set up departments and categories they way you want. Add, edit or delete departments and categories and move items between departments and categories at will.
  • Set up your own promotions and buy-downs easily and quickly using our promotions tools.